CLA statement on the Government response to the Efra Select Committee report on flooding

24 January 2017

The Government has today (24 January) published its response to the Efra Select Committee’s future flood prevention report.

Commenting on the Government's response, CLA President Ross Murray said: “At the root of this row between the Government and the Select Committee is a fundamental problem. The way we currently organise decision making on flooding at the local level is confusing, inaccessible and it is not working."

The Efra Committee published its report in November 2016, calling for a reorganisation of decision making to give more powers to local agencies and criticised the Environment Agency for lack of joined up thinking. It also proposed the creation of a new national flooding authority.

We didn’t back the Committee’s call for a new national flooding authority. We don’t want to see yet another ‘quango’ created at a time when the real need is for better joined up thinking across a range of land use challenges. However, we do expect the Environment Agency to show leadership in delivering a big improvement in the co-ordination between the complex web of Internal Drainage Boards, Rivers Authorities and Water Management Boards.”

Ross Murray gave evidence to the Efra Committee during its inquiry into flood management in 2016.

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