CLA statement on government funding cuts for National Parks in England

30 December 2016

Following an investigation by the Press Association, it has been revealed that government funding for national parks has been cut by a quarter since 2011.

CLA Senior Rural Business and Economics Adviser Dr Charles Trotman said: “Our national parks in England and Wales are visited and enjoyed by millions of people and generate more than £4billion per year in visitor spend, a major contribution to the rural tourism economy.

“However, tourist information services in the parks have been badly affected by year-on-year budget cuts and the maintenance of these beloved landscapes through generations of careful land management also comes at a cost. Without vital tourism to keep the rural economy thriving, the future of our national parks is uncertain.

“Although Defra has pledged funding up to 2020, after this date it is unclear what will happen due to the loss of important European funding as a result of Brexit. To guarantee the future of national parks it is crucial the Government acknowledges the major economic role they play in the overall economy and commits to support these precious landscapes without further budget cuts.”