‘Maintaining resilient farming sector key to protecting environment’, CLA tells MPs

11 October 2016

Appearing before an influential inquiry into environmental policy post-Brexit, the CLA told MPs that farmers are the workforce that will protect and enhance our environment now and in the future.

The Environmental Audit Committee is holding an inquiry into the future of the natural environment post-Brexit and CLA Deputy President Tim Breitmeyer put forward the case for a new Food, Farming and Environmental Policy to balance the objectives of improving the environment and producing high quality affordable food.

Mr Breitmeyer, who farms in Cambridgeshire, said: “It is the thousands of farmers working the land from dawn to dusk that help to improve our environment. Developing policy that delivers the best outcomes for the environment must have farming at its heart. Only by supporting a resilient and profitable farming sector can we hope to ensure that there are the people and resources in place to protect and enhance our natural environment post-Brexit.

“There is no binary choice between supporting a thriving farming sector and delivering the best outcomes for the environment. As the country prepares for Brexit it is vital that the Government commits to establishing a ring-fenced, UK-wide and world-leading Food, Farming and Environmental Policy which allows farmers and land managers to provide a wide range of environmental public goods and enhancements, alongside producing food.”

The CLA's briefing New Opportunities: The Case for a World-leading Food, Farming and Environmental Policy can be accessed here.