Prime Minister David Cameron responds to CLA EU Referendum concerns

14 April 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron has responded to a letter from CLA President Ross Murray which called for Government to outline a Plan B for farming in the case of a Brexit vote in June. CLA President Ross Murray has commented on his correspondence with Prime Minister.

He said: "The Prime Minister is a clear and passionate advocate of the case for remain. He is making the case that farmers that want greater certainty can play their part by voting for remain in the referendum. We respect his arguments and many farmers will agree with him. We also respect the speed with which he has responded to us. It is a significant reassurance about how seriously he takes the implications of this decision for rural people and the rural economy. What he has not done is provide the reassurance we asked for in our letter that Government has a plan for how it will manage all outcomes of the referendum. Our members are voters in the referendum, but they are also business owners and they are looking beyond the referendum and see significant uncertainty.

"The Prime Minister has offered to meet me to discuss this and I look forward to discussing these issues with him in person."

Click here to read the letter from Prime Minister David Cameron to CLA President Ross Murray