CLA statement on the UK Food and Drink International Action Plan 2016-2020

18 October 2016

Defra and the Department for International Trade have today published the UK Food and Drink International Action Plan 2016-2020.

Commenting on the plan, CLA President Ross Murray said: “We welcome the commitment Andrea Leadsom has shown to promoting British exports through this plan. At a time of uncertainty about what the future holds for the UK outside the European Union it is vital we redouble our efforts in promoting UK food and drink around the world.

“This is the latest in a series of decisions we set out in our New Opportunities plan to give rural businesses confidence that the Government is effectively managing the process of UK withdrawal from the EU. We explicitly called on the Government to review and update its food and drink export plan so we are pleased this has been done.

“This is a positive step forward in providing the reassurance we need that the Government will prioritise the interests of agriculture and the wider food and drink sector in its trade policy. However, an export plan is not the same thing as formal trade agreements which ensure tariff-free access for our food and drink products to the EU and other markets post- Brexit. We will only be fully reassured of the future for UK trade once deals are signed and in place and there is still a long way to go.”

Read the Government’s UK Food and Drink International Action Plan 2016-2020 here

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