CLA: “Rural Issues Must Not Be Forgotten by the Referendum Campaigns”

20 February 2016

The CLA is calling on the Leave and Remain campaigns to ensure the concerns of farmers and the wider rural economy are not ignored as the campaign begins in earnest. 
The Prime Minister has confirmed that the Referendum on the UK membership of the EU will take place on the 23rd June 2016. 
CLA President Ross Murray said: “The CLA will not be telling our members how to vote, but we will be playing a full part in this vitally important debate between now and June 23rd.  It is vital that our members and the wider rural business community have the best information possible to help them decide how to vote. 
“There are fundamental questions about how we ensure there are growing markets for our agricultural and other products and services; how we ensure there is a support system in place that manages market volatility and invests in our environment; and how we ensure we have the labour we need. These must be addressed head on and not skirted over by either campaign.
“The CLA will be active throughout the campaign seeking these answers and providing analysis for our members."