Welcome to the homepage of the CLA’s campaigns where you can find out about all our work in Westminster and Cardiff on your behalf.

There are 200 rural MPs across England and Wales who alongside the members of the Welsh Assembly take decisions that impact on CLA members’ businesses day in day out. Our job is to make sure that these decisions have a positive impact on confidence and certainty to allow CLA members to run successful businesses. I can’t pretend that we win every battle but I do know that our lobbying efforts in both Westminster and Cardiff have made a real impact on a range of issues from Brexit to more domestic issues including housing, planning and connectivity. The CLA also provides support to the All Party Parliament Group (APPG) for Rural Business a group of MPs in Parliament who work together to champion rural businesses in Westminster.

I know the CLA is a well respected voice in Westminster and Cardiff and we were mentioned over 100 times in Parliament in 2017 and while this page should provide you with everything you need to know about our work on Brexit, rural crime, housing, our 4G for all campaign and much more but please do get in touch if you would like to know anymore about the CLA’s lobbying work in a particular area.  

Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts
Director of External Affairs