CLA77 - Horses and the law

The law governing horses is very broad and as a landowner it is essential to know about the key considerations when entering into agreements around horses.

This handbook covers the issues which are raised most commonly by CLA members including: 

  • Letting grazing for horses
  • Contracts of agistment
  • Business tenancies of stables
  • Licensing of riding establishments
  • Livery agreements
  • Horses and the planning system
  • Liability of horse owners
  • Rating
  • Buying, selling and loaning horses
  • Relevant tax points

The appendices have a number of model forms of agreement including a grazing tenancy agreement, a profit of pasturage deed form, a contract of agistment, livery agreements for both full and do-it-yourself livery, an agreement for the sale of a horse as well as an agreement for the loan of a horse incorporating an option to purchase.

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go to the CLA online shop.

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