CLA73 - A guide to developing a business plan

It is important for any business – whether it is a start-up, an established concern, or one that is seeking to diversify – to have in place a viable business plan which sets out the strategic, operational and financial aims of the business. A business plan is vital in securing capital or grant funding. Without a viable and robust business plan access to finance will not be available.

This handbook provides advice and guidelines on how to set out a comprehensive business plan. The handbook is divided into two parts: the principles of the business plan; and the elements needed to create a robust business plan. The areas covered include:

  • the basic elements of a business plan;
  • the importance of business planning and the advantages of the business planning process;
  • business planning for a new enterprise;
  • the aims and objectives of the business plan;
  • guidelines for writing the executive summary;
  • market analysis, competition and sales;
  • the management section of the business plan;
  • financial analysis and planning; and
  • presenting the business plan to external audiences.

In addition, the handbook sets out a template for putting together the various elements of a business plan in a logical manner.

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