Labour Party manifesto leaked

A draft of the Labour Party’s manifesto for the upcoming General Election was leaked ahead of its official launch.

Key pledges which were within the draft which it is reported is due to be signed off this week included:

  • Ensuring there was universal access to superfast broadband at 30mbs by 2022
  • Introduce a package of reforms to business rates - including switching from RPI to CPI indexation, exempting new investment in plants and machinery from valuations, and ensuring that businesses have access to a revised appeals process . There was also a commitment to review the entire business rates system in the longer term.
  • Prioritising brown field sites and protecting the Green Belt
  • Reconfiguring funds for farming and fishing to focus on smaller traders, local economies, community benefits and sustainable practices.
  • Allowing EU workers employed across farming, fishing and food manufacturing to remain in the UK and reinstate the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme.
  • Ending the badger cull

It is not yet known how much of the leaked document will be included in the final manifesto.

To read the leaked document click here