2017 Research

Through 2017 the CLA's Community Panle research programme will largely support the two key policy issues focused on in our national policy conferences – housing and farming - along with another survey to find out more about the impact that Brexit will have on the rural workforce.


A lot of organisations undertake research into housing, including the Government, but there is no up to date data available that specifically relates to what is provided by rural landowners and their attitudes to providing land or developing new properties.

Our research will be split into two parts with the first part looking to provide data on the amount of housing and the types of housing provided by rural landowners. The second part of the research will examine what are the barriers to landowners providing additional homes and why they may invest in housing.

The results of the research will be displayed in the CLA’s housing policy paper to be published Strong Foundations, the CLA’s inaugural rural housing summit in July 2017.

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Agriculture remains the main enterprise for the majority of land-based rural businesses and it is going through a period of dramatic change.

Breakthroughs in research and technology have the potential to change the way the UK farms. Economic changes are requiring farmers to change their businesses, whether this means farming in new ways; taking greater control of the supply and marketing of their products; or adding complementary businesses to their portfolio. Policy reforms driven by a range of factors, from Brexit to climate change, are changing the rules of the game; and farm businesses have to adapt.

Ahead of the CLA’s second annual rural business conference, Redefining Farming, the CLA Community panel will be delving further into the way that the UK farms, focusing on the future of land use, new ways of working and how we can build a Brexit-red farming sector.

The results of this research will be published on the day of the conference and will be part of the day’s discussion.

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Seasonal Agricultural Workers

The UK’s exit from the European Union presents UK farmers and other rural businesses with opportunities as well as risks. Even ahead of the referendum, the CLA highlighted that one of these risks is ensuring there is an adequate supply of seasonal labour post Brexit.

The Government and Parliament are already examining this area closely and the rural economy needs to provide good statistical evidence to highlight that seasonal labour from abroad is vital to UK farmers.

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