The Tide is High: CLA Vision for Water

The Tide is High: CLA Vision for Water sets out the policy on water of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA). In it, we cover resource, quality and flood and coastal defence.

Water is essential to life on this planet. Water also features in the world’s greatest natural disasters: tsunamis, floods or, when water is absent, droughts. With climate change, controlling the supply of water becomes ever harder and more important.

With a growing global population, our reliance on water will further increase. For farmers and land managers, this poses the challenge of securing the water needed to produce more food.

On water resource, the CLA urges land managers to be able to capture and use water more efficiently and to be supported and rewarded for delivering and managing sustainable supplies of water. The Government is asked to provide the policy framework, research and other supports needed to make this happen.

On water quality, we call for the Government to combat water pollution by making a clear scientific and economic case for the quality standards imposed by the Nitrates and Water Framework Directives. The CLA also suggests incentives rather than regulation as the most effective way of getting land managers to tackle diffuse pollution of water.

With flood and coastal defence, we suggest protecting good agricultural land for food production rather than surrendering it to water. Key to this is Government backing for land managers’ work in flood alleviation and coastal defence.

The importance of all this work cannot be underestimated. Without the right policy framework in place for water, land management and food production will not be equal to the great challenges ahead.

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