Statement of Strategic Priorities for Telecommunications

The CLA has formally responded to the Government’s Statement of Strategic Priorities for telecommunications. The CLA has reaffirmed its objective that there has to be universal digital connectivity both for fixed line and mobile telecommunications in order to eradicate the rural-urban digital divide.

Supporting the Government’s long term Full Fibre programme that will see every premise in the UK have access to fibre connections straight to the home and business, the CLA has stated that the change in government policy vindicates the CLA’s telecommunication policy which has been developed over a number of years. The Universal Service Obligation, that will provide each household with at least a 10Mbps connection by 2020, is a clear policy success.

However, the CLA recognises the  challenges ahead including the need to increase awareness of digital connectivity for small businesses as well as ensuring that mobile coverage increases significantly as both 4G and 5G are rolled out so that rural communities are no longer left behind.

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