Reform to perform - simplify taxes for small business units to increase enterprise

The contribution from rural areas to the nation - a quarter of UK population,
30% of its employment and economic output, and 80% of its land area - shows that
the success of the countryside matters. Following the foot and mouth outbreak of
2001 regeneration of the countryside is high on the political agenda, and the
'Curry Report' on 'Farming and Food - a Sustainable Future' has proposed far
reaching recommendations, which CLA supports. But a report concentrating on food
and farming, important though these industries are, can only be one piece of a
bigger jigsaw. The countryside needs a much more diverse range of economic,
social and environmental activities, to generate jobs and incomes, to underpin
rural services and communities, to provide houses and capital and buildings for
investment, and to manage the countryside itself. This paper proposes, for
consultation, the reforms we believe are needed to the taxation of small
unincorporated businesses

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