Green Heat Network Fund

BEIS issued a call for evidence on 30 September 2020 to help shape a forthcoming consultation on the design a new Green Heat Networks Fund, which is proposed to be available from April 2022.  Heat is responsible for around a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonising heat is a key requirement in order to meet government Net Zero ambitions.  A growth in the heat networks sector based on low carbon energy sources will be an important way to achieve this.  In our response CLA calls for the GHNF to be designed to provide support to small rural heat networks of a few properties as well as large networks serving thousands of properties in cities.  Rural areas are off mains gas and oil heat dominated - so offer much in the way of potential decarbonisation of heat by replacing oil boilers with low carbon heat networks using biomass and heat pumps.  There are a great many clusters of rural properties across the countryside where the heat networks model could be usefully deployed thereby helping rural areas to play their part in reaching our collective Net Zero ambitions.

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