700 MHz Spectrum Licence Auction

The CLA has formally responded to Ofcom's consultation on the award of the 700MHz spectrum.  This award to mobile operators should lead to an increase in mobile coverage across rural areas.  The CLA is generally supportive of the revised proposals for the future 700MHz spectrum auction as being in the interests of those who live and work in rural areas.  The proposals to extend mobile coverage to 90% of the UK landmass through, for example, the building of at least 500 new masts is integral for rural communities to be able to benefit from modern day digital communications.  However, we have made it clear to ofcom that it has to ensure that the coverage obligations of those operators awarded new spectrum are monitored on an annual basis through Ofcom's Connected Nations report.  In addition, the CLA has stressed that Ofcom should formally propose the introduction of a national rural roaming network.

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