Social Media

The CLA uses social media to inform members, stakeholders and the public on our strategies, stances and analysis daily. Our social media platforms allow us to have conversations, share information and hear our members concerns directly and instantly. The CLA’s Twitter is our primary tool to communicate our messages instantly, so be sure to follow the CLA on Twitter @CLAtweets to read about any news coverage, commentary on events as they happen, live political analysis, regional events, joint industry analysis and more.

Social media is also another way for our members and contacts to participate in our ongoing campaigns. You can follow us on Instagram @CountryLandandBusiness to view our CLA member takeovers or to view and submit your photographs for the CLA Photo Competition. Although, entries for the 2018 competition have closed you can still submit photographs to be shared and mentioned on Instagram. We want to see the talent of our membership and the beautiful way you see our countryside. The CLA Photo Competition will resume in July 2019.

You may also want to view our catalogue of national and regional videos to learn more about the organisation, the work we do on behalf of our members and they way we work. To view the CLA’s video library you can click through and subscribe to our YouTube channel CLA External Affairs