Brexit advice: Preparing for change

To aid members in preparing for Brexit, the CLA has published a series of monthly articles on preparing for change. The CLA will help you to plan with confidence to get your business ready.

Climate Change

Climate change is rising rapidly up government’s agenda and new agriculture policy post-Brexit will give landowners and farmers an opportunity to consider both how to reduce their emissions and how to adapt to a warming world. 

Skills and training

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, upskilling yourself or your staff can only be beneficial to the bottom line of your business. This article considers how you can identify the right skills and course for you and your staff whatever the future holds.

Business Structures

We know farming will change post-Brexit. The Basic Payment Scheme will replaced by a new system of environmental payments, and farmers will need to adapt to a more market facing world. This means the way farmers manage their businesses may have to change too, including the basic structure of the business. 

Diversification: Check your assets

The Agriculture Bill is passing through Parliament and indicates a move away from direct agricultural support to payments for a wide range of public goods. This will affect us all and we should not delay making plans for the future. Now is a good time to look at all the assets you have and assess their income earning potential without agricultural support. 

Providing Public Goods

The Agriculture Bill has clearly set out the Government’s intention to replace the Basic Payment Scheme with a system based on the principle of delivering public goods. Here the CLA’s Land Use Policy Team sets out what you can do to prepare.