Victory for CLA’s Scrap the Cash campaign

14 March 2012

Farmers and landowners in the North, who have been blighted by metal thefts, can look forward to a brighter future after the CLA won its campaign to have cash payments by scrap metal dealers banned.

In a meeting with Home Office Minister Lord Henley today (14 March 2012), CLA President Harry Cotterell was told cash payments by scrap metal dealers will be prohibited.

Mr Cotterell said: "I am delighted Lord Henley said that new clauses will be laid before Parliament, within the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LAPSO) Bill, to ban scrap metal dealers from paying in cash."

The CLA has been urging the Government to legislate against dealers buying metal with cash because stolen metal is being traded too easily within the scrap metal industry.

CLA North Regional Director Dorothy Fairburn said: "Scrap metal theft has increased dramatically over the past few years and is having a significant impact on local rural businesses and communities.

"Hundreds of CLA members have been victims of metal theft, with some losing thousands of pounds repairing and replacing stolen lead and other metals. Banning cash sales will prevent anonymous sales because the metal will always be traced back to the person who sold it to the dealer."