Talking Climate Change: Water week

04 November 2015

To demonstrate the crucial role that landowners and land managers already play in mitigating climate change, the CLA is running a month-long campaign ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to further explore the problems posed by the changing climate, along with solutions that landowners are taking to adapt and commentary from experts, Members of Parliament, and CLA Advisers.

This week, the Talking Climate Change blog demostrates the impact that climate change will continue to have on our water supply and the actions of land managers to adapt. CLA Chief Land Use Adviser Damian Testa outlines why water is so fundamental to farming; Angela Smith MP discusses her fears for water security and what Government must do to protect it; CLA Head of Envrionment and Chief Tax Adviser look at how landowners can help to mitigate flooding and call on Government to further incentivise private investment in flood defences; and CLA members showcase how landowners are managing water to help mitigate and adapt to these effects.  

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