Talking Climate Change: Greenhouse Gases week

26 November 2015

To demonstrate the crucial role that landowners and land managers already play in mitigating climate change, the CLA is running a month-long campaign ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to further explore the problems posed by the changing climate, along with solutions that landowners are taking to adapt and commentary from experts, Members of Parliament, and CLA Advisers.

This week, the Talking Climate Change blog explores the actions that landowners are taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CLA Head of Environment Derek Holliday looks at the ways in which landowners are changing their everyday practices to reduce GHG emissions; CLA Deputy President Tim Breitmeyer outlines the importance of precision farming in helping the environment; CLA Vice President Mark Bridgeman discusses the impact that climate change has on animal and plant pests and diseases; and CLA Members showcase how they are working to reduce emissions through investing in alternative energy sources. Also on the blog this week, CLA President Ross Murray writes an open letter to the delegates of the UN Conference on Climate Change (due to commence next Monday 30 November), urging them to recognise the important work that landonwers and land managers do to protect the environment during times of uncertain climate conditions.


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