Talking Climate Change: Ecosystems week

19 November 2015

To demonstrate the crucial role that landowners and land managers already play in mitigating climate change, the CLA is running a month-long campaign ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to further explore the problems posed by the changing climate, along with solutions that landowners are taking to adapt and commentary from experts, Members of Parliament, and CLA Advisers.

This week, the Talking Climate Change blog explores the relationship between the climate and our ecosystems. CLA Director of Policy and Advice discusses how climate change is affecting biodiversity, wetlands and forests; Helen Goodman MP  sets out the reasons behind holding a backbench business debate on preparations for the COP21 conference; CLA Director of External Affairs Shane Brennan summarises  the CLA Council's debate on the impact of climate change; Huw Irranca-Davies MP looks at how changing conditions will continue to impact natural capital; Natural England's Chief Climate Change Adviser  Trevor Mansfield discusses  why climate change action is imminently needed; and landowners and CLA members showcase how they are already taking action to protect our ecosystems from climate change.


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