Talking Climate Change: Carbon week

08 December 2015

This week is the second and final week of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21), during which world leaders are aiming to secure a binding agreement  to help combat climate change.

To demonstrate the crucial role that landowners and land managers already play in mitigating climate change, the CLA is running a campaign to further explore the problems posed by the changing climate, along with solutions that landowners are taking to adapt and commentary from experts, Members of Parliament, and CLA Advisers.

In the final week of the campaign, the Talking Climate Change blog explores the actions that landowners are taking to help conserve and increase carbon stocks. CLA EU Public affairs Adviser Ana Rocha discusses her experience at the COP21 conference so far; CLA Director of Policy and Advice Christopher explores the importance of protecting our soils and their carbon storage properties; CLA Forestry and Woodland Adviser Mike Seville looks at the impact of climate change on trees and forests; Welsh Natural Resources Minister Carl Sergeant AM outlines climate change actions in Wales; CLA Housing Adviser Matthew O'Connell argues for reform of energy rating methodology to more accurately track rural homeowners' carbon emissions; and CLA Head of Environment Derek Holliday discusses the ways in which farmers and landowners are working to conserve carbon stocks.

There will also be a thread of updates from the Paris conference available on the blog and on the CLA's main Twitter account @CLAtweets.

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