Statement from the CLA on the impact of Storm Desmond and flooding in the North of England

08 December 2015

CLA President Ross Murray said: “Our thoughts are with the communities coping with the effects of Storm Desmond. The CLA is providing advice and support to members across affected areas, and we have heard numerous examples of the solidarity and resilience of rural communities despite the devastation of the storm.

“We encourage people to stand by local businesses as they continue to operate despite the floods and damage. I also take this opportunity to thank those members of the community who have shown generosity of spirit in helping others affected by the floods, and the emergency services for their quick response.

“There are situations where livestock and animals have been lost, where farm buildings having been destroyed in landslides, where roads and bridges have been washed away. However the full extent of the damage suffered by our members and their communities will not be known for some time. The Government has pledged to make sure all resources are made available to support recovery. This is crucial for all affected.

“We are advising CLA members to make sure they understand what their insurance companies will need from them and when, so they can ensure they record and provide the right information. This latest incident is a reminder to Government and industry as we move closer to implementation of a system of insurance for homes and businesses at flood risk, the so called Flood Re scheme, that the non-inclusion of agricultural land and buildings leaves them horribly and unfairly exposed.

“There will be more flooding incidents in the months and years ahead. Government and landowners must work together to ensure we are co-ordinating our efforts and directing them to the most effective defences and other mitigation measures possible. This includes encouraging private landowners, through tax incentives, to make investments outside of Government funding schemes.”