Rural landlords condemn Ministers for retaliatory evictions law that won’t work

12 February 2015

The CLA, which represents landowners, farmers and other rural businesses, has expressed dismay that a new regulation targeted at tackling the problem of retaliatory eviction has been rushed through Parliament.

It has called on Peers and MPs to oppose the Bill which will not target bad landlords and instead impose burdens on thousands of responsible rural landlords. 

Ministers revealed late last week that they had agreed to introduce this law as part of the Deregulation Bill which is soon to end its progress through Parliament.

The legislation will impose a ban on any landlord from serving a section 21 eviction notice on a tenant for a minimum period of 6 months if they make a complaint about the state of their property. The legislation has been criticised for imposing rules that can be exploited by bad tenants.

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “We support action to prevent retaliatory evictions but this law will not stop bad landlords evicting tenants. It is much more likely to give tenants that are damaging the property or not paying their rent scope to delay eviction. As a result it will cause significant uncertainty for thousands of responsible landlords throughout rural communities.

"This is the definition of bad policy making. It imposes a poorly designed, burdensome new regulation as part of a law that is supposed to be about 'deregulation'.  By forcing through this law, Ministers risk setting back significantly the opportunity for putting in place measures that will tackle the minority of bad landlords that we agree should be targeted with regulation.”



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