Rural crime reduction initiative - CESAR

25 October 2013

A scheme aimed at reducing the theft of construction and rural machinery is being rolled out with the support of Police and local authorities throughout the region.

The "Construction Equipment Security and Registration" (CESAR) Scheme uses new techniques to mark plant and farm machinery, links to a 24-hour database and alerts rural officers to potentially stolen equipment.

CLA regional surveyor Robin Edwards said: "Responsibility can't be left to a barking farm dog. Many farmers wait for a crime to happen before they consider preventative action but we encourage business owners to take action and secure their valuable machinery before a crime occurs.

Mr Edwards concluded: "These CESAR devices are made up of multiple components from tamper-proof labels to invisible dots that are swabbed all over the machines and contain minute traceable bar codes – it really is a good investment. We also offer CLA insurance members a 10% discount if their machinery is CESAR marked."

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