Rural businesses react to Carbon Budget commitment

04 July 2016

The CLA, which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses, has commented on the Government’s commitment to the 5th Carbon Budget targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 57% by 2032.

CLA President Ross Murray said: “The targets ensure the UK will continue to provide leadership on climate change and we welcome both the clear trajectory for businesses working to reduce emissions and the reassurance for those investing in energy projects. Rural businesses, farmers and foresters have crucial roles to play in reducing emissions and growing the UK’s low carbon economy, but they need clear signals and consistency of regulation and incentive from Government. We look forward to working with our members and with Government to tackle the challenges ahead together.

“Achieving the legally binding target will be particularly testing, especially in light of the policy uncertainty created by the result of last week’s referendum. Government will need to bring forward policies that effectively encourage investment in clean energy and other measures to reduce emissions.

“The CLA is also urging Government to grasp the opportunity to incorporate emission reductions in the establishment of a new UK specific Food, Farming and Environment Policy. Government must work closely with the land management sector to think innovatively about how the farming and forestry sectors can best contribute to these carbon targets whilst delivering the wider needs of UK agriculture and demands on UK land.”