Rural businesses call for urgent rethink on cuts to renewable energy support

26 October 2015

The Energy and Climate Change Secretary must rethink fatal cuts in support for investment in renewable energy.  

The call for an urgent rethink of proposals comes from the CLA, which represents more than 33,000 landowners, farmers and other rural businesses. It was made as part of a submission to a consultation on the future of the Feed in Tariff, which makes it affordable for businesses and homeowners to install renewable energy schemes such as solar panels.

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “The Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff scheme has been a real success story for the rural economy since its introduction in 2010. Not only has it enabled significant progress towards renewable energy targets, but it has allowed many rural businesses and householders to take control of their energy bills and reduce costs. With increasing volatility in both energy prices and the agriculture sector, the proposal to significantly curtail the Feed in Tariff regime could not have come at a worse time.

“We recognise that financial support for renewables cannot continue indefinitely and the intention has always been for tariffs to reduce in line with falling technology costs. However, Government cuts proposed in this consultation go too far, too fast and will undermine the progress made over the past five years.

“We urge Ministers to rethink their proposals urgently. We agree that the industry cannot rely on subsidy forever but we must have a managed transition.”