Open letter from CLA President to UN Climate Change Conference delegates

24 November 2015

Dear delegates,

As you prepare for your discussions at the UN Conference on Climate Change in the coming weeks, we ask you to recognise the vital role that land managers in the countryside will play in preparing our landscapes and our farmed economy for an environmentally uncertain future.

A new report published by the European Landowners Organization this week demonstrates how the everyday work of farmers and landowners is critical to mitigating changing climate impacts. It also shows the adaptations required to keep food supply chains reliable and the rural economy prospering. Land managers are already investing for both private and public benefit, from precision farming and water storage, to renewable energy generation and sustainable management of woodland.

This is an important moment in time within the countryside and these activities must be encouraged and supported at local, national and international levels. In particular we ask you to explore the potential for incentives for ecosystem services, to ensure frameworks are able to accommodate new and innovative ideas for the Sustainable Intensification of food production, and to encourage vital agricultural research and innovation.

How we manage land is of core importance to delivering any climate change objectives and targets you set. Landowners are committed to playing a long term role in a creating a more secure and sustainable future. We ask you to recognise this opportunity in your discussions at the conference and beyond.

Ross Murray, CLA President

24 November 2015