New regulations for drone use to combat privacy fears

24 July 2017


The Government has announced plans to introduce registration and safety awareness courses for users of drones which weighs more than 250 grams (8oz).

CLA legal adviser Andrew Gillett said: “Drones have huge potential to benefit a wide range of industries, particularly agriculture but it is vital that regulations keep pace.

“An increase in the use of recreational drones with cameras causes real concern to farmers and landowners over their privacy, the potential for damage to property and the safety of people and livestock on private land.

“We called for compulsory registration for reassurance that drones being flown over private property or land are being done so legally, professionally and safely so we are delighted the Government has listened to our concerns. We will continue to push for a change to the Civil Aviation Act 1982 so that recreational drone users would need to seek the landowners’ permission before flying over private land.”

The CLA’s five top tips for responsible drone operation:

  1. fly safely and understand the law; you are legally responsible for every flight and could be prosecuted if found to be operating a drone in an unsafe manner,
  2. respect the privacy of others and obtain permission before flying over privately owned land or property,
  3. never fly within 50 metres of people or buildings,
  4. animals can be easily frightened by drones which can cause injury to them and others and,
  5. use common sense when operating a drone: keep it in sight at all times and do not fly above 400 feet.


Read about the new rules to better regulate drone use here