New conservation management advice for arable businesses

CFE's new leaflet 'Conservation management advice for your arable business' will help farmers to recognise what they do for the environment and outline eight simple steps for choosing the right measures, putting them in the right place, and managing them in the right way.

For farmers wanting more detailed advice, Farm Wildlife's 'Conservation management on an arable farm' booklet explains the principles of best practice environmental management on arable land, and the points to consider when planning an approach on the farm.

The new advice marks the end of a long process begun by the Voluntary Initiative (VI). Richard Butler, VI Chair said: "I am delighted that the work started under VI has been taken on under the CFE banner. Closer collaboration is making it easier for the farming industry to adopt common sense practices and get environmental messages to the farmer on the ground."

Jim Egan, CFE Delivery Group Chair, said: "We believe that the information we are launching provides unrivalled conservation advice for arable farmers. If everyone takes up this challenge, we will have a better environment for farming and for conservation.

"We are backing farmers to do things such as plant wild flower seed mixes beneficial to pollinating insects. This is important evidence of how the farming industry is working together to encourage pollinators."

Richard Winspear, Farm Wildlife Coordinator said: "For the first time, the whole industry has worked together to develop a conservation management package for arable farmers to protect soils, water and wildlife. This CFE package is a big step forward in improving the consistency of environmental messages coming from the industry and government."

Farmers and agricultural advisers can find out more on the CFE stand at Cereals and via the CFE website and the Farm Wildlife website