CLA Urges No Complacency Following EU Payment Extension

09 June 2016

The CLA has warned against complacency in the English and Welsh Government following an announcement that the EU Commission is to extend the deadline for paying farmers with outstanding 2015 basic payment entitlements from 30 June to 15 October.

The extension granted at the request of the UK Government, acting for Scottish Minsters, will mean that if any EU member state fails to pay outstanding claims by the deadline it will not face disallowance fines. The fear is that this change could lead to complacency or a slowing in the pace of sorting out outstanding claims.

CLA Director of Policy and Advice Christopher Price said: "This deadline extension must not result in a single additional day of delay for those farmers who are still waiting for payments that were promised in December of last year.

"Procedural delays have real human consequences, causing misery for thousands of farmers. Ministers must not allow any slackening of the effort to resolve outstanding claims and no complacency created by the removal of the threat of disallowance fines.”

The CLA has set out its action plan for how to tackle outstanding delays and inaccuracies in the 2015 scheme.

Mr Price added: "We have set out what is required to tackle delays and offered our support to Defra to make it happen. This includes calling on Defra to reinstate a fair interest rate paid to any farmer that faces severe delay in their payments and ever increasing costs."

Click here for the CLA action plan for GOvernment to address ongoing issues with BPS payments