CLA Urges EU Commission to Deliver Common Sense Decision on Renewing Licence for ‘Round Up’ Pesticide

07 June 2016

The CLA has called on the EU Council and Commission to break the deadlock on extending the licence for the chemical weed killer glyphosate, commonly called ‘Round Up’, for a further 12 to 18 months.

The extension would ensure that the licence does not expire before a report from the European Agency for Chemical Products is published to provide a definitive view on the health impacts of the product.

CLA President Ross Murray said: “We will continue to work in collaboration with fellow farmers from across the EU within the European Landowners Organisation to make the case for an extension. The implications of this product not being available would be devastating for farmers across the country battling with the debilitating impacts of rye and black grass.

“We urge all involved from the Commission and the Council of Ministers to let the science decide and not succumb to scaremongering of single issue campaign groups. That is why we must ensure the extension is in place to allow for a definitive impartial view to be published.”