CLA tells MEPs: evidence base is essential for CAP improvements

08 April 2016

CLA Director of Policy Christopher Price has told Members of the European Parliament that it is too early in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) cycle to carry out a comprehensive review of the current CAP.

He put forward the case for an informed and evidence-based approach to improving the CAP at a meeting of a European Parliament countryside and wildlife group in Brussels this week.

The meeting of the Biodiversity, Hunting and Countryside Intergroup explored recent calls from a consortium of non-governmental organisations for an urgent review of the CAP. The Intergroup event was arranged by the ELO (European Landowners Organization) to explore the way forward for the drive for sustainable agriculture in Europe.

CLA Director of Policy Christopher Price comments: “We clearly need the CAP to work harder for biodiversity and the climate, and to ensure that the benefits of the policy are clear to Europe’s tax payers. The question is how this is achieved. The current CAP is only a few months old, and while we can all point to some structural problems it is far too early to carry out a comprehensive review of what works and what does not.

“The sensible approach is to use the next couple of years to gather all the evidence we can on the impact of the new CAP, while making sure Member State Governments and MEPs fully understand what farmers and landowners can do to help meet the various challenges we face.”