CLA statement on the Government proposal for a future customs relationship with the EU

16 August 2017

CLA Senior Business and Economics Adviser Dr Charles Trotman said: “The CLA, along with other farming organisations, has called for a transitional deal that maintains free and frictionless trade in agri-food products extending beyond the end of the Article 50 process.

“On the face of the Government’s proposal to introduce a temporary customs union, it seems that the agricultural sector’s need for continued access to, and trading in the union is recognised.

“However, the devil is invariably in the detail, and in this particular negotiation process, it takes infinitely more than two to tango. We welcome this initial proposal, but further clarity is needed on the interim and long-term customs arrangements to sustain a transitional agreement on continued free trade.

“We would also encourage the Government to explore alternative arrangements that support farming and the environment by avoiding an abrupt end to our existing trade arrangements with the EU.”

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