CLA statement on a government consultation to reform the planning system increasing the supply of new homes

14 September 2017

The Government has launched an open consultation which puts forward a number of proposals on planning for the right homes in the right places to boost housing supply in England. 

CLA Housing Adviser Matthew O’Connell said: “We welcome the Government’s proposal to assess housing need and the intentions behind it but it is crucial that housing delivery is ‘rural proofed’. Rural communities have not been able to grow organically and incrementally for many years and as a result local people are unable to afford to live in the areas they have grown up in.

“As rural landowners and local employers, CLA members would like to see greater clarity on the need for small-scale incremental development in rural communities, in addition to greater clarity on housing need.

“Proposals in the Housing White Paper make it clear that at least 10% of the sites allocated for residential development in local plans should be sites of half a hectare or less. We agree this is a sensible step that will help rural areas grow proportionately. The CLA will continue to engage with the Government on the proposals in this consultation and the ongoing review of the NPPF.”

Click here to read more information on the Government consultation Planning for the right homes in the right places: consultation proposals