CLA statement on Defra fly-tipping consultation

15 January 2018

Defra has announced plans to fine households up to £400 if they pay an unauthorised waste carrier to take away rubbish and allow free disposal of DIY waste at council tips so there is less need to pay someone to remove it.

CLA President Tim Breitmeyer said: “Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime. It affects almost two thirds of private landowners and blights the countryside. We are fed up of clearing away other people’s rubbish and paying for the privilege.

“We have had a robust response from the Government to our fly-tipping action plan designed to tackle this anti-social behaviour so that farmers and landowners are not unfairly out of pocket.

“Enforcing fines for home and business owners whose waste is found in fly-tipped locations is just one area our plan focused on, so we are pleased to see this form part of the Government’s proposals to act as a deterrent and encourage waste disposal through legal channels.

“The Government, local authorities and the Environment Agency must work together with farmers and landowners to help reduce fly-tipping on private rural land. It’s a vicious cycle of costly clean-ups by the victims who bear the burden of waste crime. We would like to see alternatives explored to clear up and support victims so that private landowners are not liable for waste dumped on their land.

“Only through co-ordinated and collective effort can we push back against this scourge that is damaging our countryside and rural economy.”