CLA statement on confirmation of a two-year Brexit transitional deal

22 September 2017

Responding to comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May on a two-year transitional period after March 2019 in her Brexit speech, CLA President Ross Murray said:

“We welcome the confirmation of a two-year transition period once the UK leaves the EU in 2019 so that farmers can continue to trade their food products without being penalised. This is a necessary time which will provide certainty for farming businesses while the right trade agreements are put in place. It is vital that free and frictionless trade in agri-food products is maintained during this period to help farmers plan for the future outside of the EU.  

“The transition is also critical to ensure that a new policy to support farming and the environment in the long-term can be developed and tested fully which will inevitably take time.  

“We will continue to work with the Government for a positive outcome for agriculture in negotiations and the best possible deal for UK food and farming.”