CLA response to reported badger cull leak

22 March 2016

A list showing the farmers involved in the next phase of the badger cull programme in south Devon has been leaked to activist groups according to reports.

CLA Director of Policy Christopher Price said: “Farmers affected by bTB are living through a nightmare and we must do all we can to support them and prevent the spread of this terrible disease. Controlling the badger population is a vital part of the Government’s comprehensive 25-year strategy for controlling bovine TB, which aims for healthy wildlife alongside healthy cattle.

“Any illegal activity, attempting to intimidate farmers that have agreed to take part in the Government’s strategy to tackle bTB, must be pursued appropriately by the authorities and utterly condemned by us all. We thank all those who value the British countryside and who continue supporting our dairy farmers and their herds.

“The CLA continues to offer support and private advice to any of our members affected.”