CLA reaction to Government Litter Strategy

10 April 2017

CLA President Ross Murray said: “Ministers are right to tackle this important issue. Litter and fly-tipping is not only a blight on our beautiful countryside, but comes at a major economic cost for farmers and other rural businesses who invariably have to clear it up. The cost of this was estimated at £50m last year – an unaffordable burden to bear.

“Fines and other penalties are important, but they only work if they are enforced and it’s not clear what additional resources councils and police forces will have to do this. This is especially case when dealing with the organised criminal gangs that are increasingly fuelling the rise in fly-tipping incidents.

“We must all work together with central Government, councils and others to tackle the attitudes and behaviours that lead to people not taking responsibility for the waste they create. We would like to see more creative use of measures like naming and shaming, confiscation of vehicles and other property and better education about the consequences of careless littering.”

The Government's Litter strategy can be read here.