CLA reaction to Government’s fly-tipping statistics for England 2016-17

19 October 2017

The CLA, whose members – landowners, farmers and rural businesses – frequently face having to clear up rubbish fly-tipped on private land, says fly-tipping is a national disgrace that blights the countryside.

CLA President Ross Murray said: “Fly-tipping is just getting worse and worse. It is a national disgrace. Prosecutions for this crime are ludicrously low, and have decreased by a further 25%. It is high time that Government took a much more active role in tackling this blight on the countryside. Today’s shocking figures don’t even include rubbish fly-tipped on private land, which landowners clear up as local authorities only clear from public land.

“Greater penalties should be imposed and enforced including seizing fly-tippers’ vehicles, and victims should be better supported. We are calling for the appointment of a national fly-tipping Tsar to co-ordinate and oversee a more pro-active effort to get to grips with this national disgrace.”

Click here to read the Government’s Fly-tipping statistics for England, 2016/17. 

You can read the CLA’s five-point action plan for how to tackle the blight of fly-tipping here

Results from a survey conducted by Farmers Weekly and CLA Insurance revealed that almost two thirds of farmers and landowners have been affected by fly-tipping and over half agree it is a significant issue in their area. Most victims surveyed said they had been targeted on multiple occasions. Further information can be found here.