CLA Reaction to the 2017 General Election result

09 June 2017

CLA President Ross Murray said: “This result adds further uncertainty to a period of significant upheaval. The CLA’s top priority is the interests of the tens of thousands of farmers and other rural business owners that are getting on with their jobs today, while politicians manoeuvre and negotiate. We are ready to work with the new Government to influence the big decisions that will shape the rural economy and rural communities.

“Immediate attention will inevitably be on the implications of this result for securing a Brexit deal that will work in the long-term interests of agriculture and the wider economy. We remain confident that the right deal can be done.  

“However, the priorities extend well beyond Brexit. Our leaders have responsibility to work together to provide rural businesses the economic stability and confidence to grow and create jobs, as well as build the homes and infrastructure that rural communities need.  

“Achieving positive outcomes on these issues remains the CLA’s single minded focus and we will work with all sides in this parliament to achieve these things.

“Today is a time for calm heads and careful consideration of immediate questions, especially the timetable for Brexit negotiations. We are ready to work for our members whatever developments there are in coming days."