CLA President raises pylon concerns with minister

30 November 2013

CLA President Harry Cotterell has met Energy Minister Charles Hendry to raise the Association's concerns about unsightly electricity pylons proposed across the country.

Mr Cotterell said: "The CLA put the case for alternative options for large-scale use of pylons. We said we had members affected in all parts of the country. The minister listened to what we had to say and I believe he now appreciates the need for the National Grid to take account of best practice in the design and location of lines."


The CLA President also raised the plight of people affected by the advancement of the cut-off date for solar energy projects.


He said: "We asked Mr Hendry to consider an exceptional hardship scheme for those who were already contracted into a solar energy project before the announcement of the early cut-out point, and stand to lose out as a result of the change, and urged that a pre-registration scheme be adopted to provide both investors and Government with certainty as to the level and cost of the FIT.


"Mr Hendry said anyone in these circumstances should make their views plain by responding to the current consultation."