CLA lobbying pays off but CAP flexibility still a concern

08 October 2013

The CLA has said it is gratifying to see how its lobbying efforts in Europe are paying off in the current round of CAP reform.

The Association said amendments agreed by the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee this week represent a far better deal than originally proposed by the Commission.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "The CLA, with our partners in the European Landowners Organisation (ELO), devoted a huge amount of effort to lobbying the European Parliament to ensure the interests of England's rural land managers are properly protected and promoted.

"However, we have some cause for concern, and believe, in particular, that the UK Government must not use any greater flexibility to switch funds between Pillar One and Pillar Two in a way that could threaten the competitiveness of UK farmers."

He added: "The proposals put forward by MEPs could easily lead to UK farmers receiving considerably less than their counterparts on the continent.

"The Common Agricultural Policy should have rules that, wherever possible, are common to all its members."