CLA Heralds Victory for Common Sense on Affordable Rural Homes

12 April 2016

Legislation to force local authorities to require the construction of ‘starter homes’ that would deter affordable housing will not go ahead following opposition from the CLA.

The CLA, which represents farmers, landowners and other rural businesses, had set out concerns that plans to impose starter homes on rural areas would put the delivery of affordable rural housing at risk.

CLA President Ross Murray said: “The starter homes requirement may be the answer in our towns and cities but in rural areas it would only make a bad situation worse, dissuading landowners to continue to bring forward affordable housing land if the homes built there would not benefit the local community in perpetuity.

“We welcome this common sense from Government. Rural communities are best placed to know how to meet the housing need in their area and excluding starter homes from sites specifically intended for affordable housing allows them to ensure those homes will continue to benefit those who live and work in the countryside in the long term.”

Click here to read debate on the Housing and Planning Bill in the House of Lords yesterday which confirms that Government has accepted an amendment to exclude rural exception sites from the starter homes requirement: