CLA Conservation Adviser meets with Environment Minister to talk biodiversity on farms in Hampshire

25 October 2013

On Monday 8 July, as part of the England Biodiversity Group and hosted by the New Forest National Park Authority, CLA's Conservation Adviser met with Richard Benyon MP to discuss support for biodiversity on farms.

The group visited CLA Hampshire Chairman Mr Hallam Mills' land, which is a prime example of where agri-environment schemes have allowed the landowner to put the right measures in place, in order to allow farm wildlife to thrive.

Charlotte Lay, CLA Conservation Adviser, reiterated that in order for farms to boast healthy wildlife, the foundation must be a viable agricultural business: "There are an increasing number of aspects to incorporate in order to achieve such success, such as landscape scale approaches and connectivity; ensuring water bodies are all sufficiently buffered and providing for our pollinators to name but a few. Landowners must have adequate support in order to do this and at a time agri-environment schemes are facing significant cuts, we must look to new ways of providing such support."