CLA comments on reports of Caffe Nero’s milk supplier instructions

02 June 2015

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “It is vitally important that major supermarkets do not succumb to this ridiculous and poorly targeted boycott. We are pleased a number of them have confirmed that they have no plans to penalise farmers based on the location of their farms, in the wake of reports that Caffe Nero has instructed its suppliers to supply milk from outside the badger cull zones.

“We are disappointed that Caffe Nero has made this poor and uninformed decision. We fully support the Government’s commitment to tackling bovine TB through its 25 year bTB eradication strategy, which aims for healthy wildlife alongside healthy cattle. Scientific evidence shows that the pilot badger culls are an important part of this strategy and we urge consumers, retailers and their supply chains to continue supporting British dairy farmers and their herds.”