CLA comment on Agritech Strategy

25 November 2013

The CLA President has issued a comment on the Government's Agricultural Technologies Strategy which was launched today (22 July 2013).

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "We welcome the Strategy for Agricultural Technology. We have been pushing for greater investment in agricultural technology and it is good news that government and industry have come together with proposals that look like they will make a real difference.

"UK agriculture has been built on innovation and enterprise, and we anticipate this strategy will reinforce the sector's position as a dynamic industry, providing growth in the UK economy."

The CLA President added: "However, we must ensure this Strategy leads to new technologies and practices that farmers can use in the field. 


"Food producers must be able to readily understand how the new ideas coming out of the Strategy can be applied at farm scale. The success of this Strategy will depend on the full engagement with landowners and farmers."