CLA backs Church’s opposition to increased VAT on heritage alterations

16 April 2013

The CLA today (16 April) backed the Church of England's decision to campaign against increased VAT on alterations to listed buildings.

The Association praised the Anglican bishops' opposition to the five percent tax hike which is set to hit privately owned heritage even more than churches.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "The Government's shocking new raid on owners of listed buildings will take an extra £125million in tax from Britain's heritage. 

"By scrapping the zero rate of VAT on alterations to listed buildings and refusing to reduce the 20 percent rate for repairs, the Chancellor has removed the only remaining advantage of having a building listed."

He added: "The majority of buildings affected are in private hands and private owners will not even benefit from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport grant scheme which will replace the Church's losses from the increase in VAT up to a figure of £5million. 

"The impact of privately owning a listed building in future will be almost entirely negative, further jeopardising owner support for the listing system and reducing the stock of rural housing created by altering the use of redundant buildings."