Big Pathwatch results published

14 November 2016

The Ramblers has today released the results of the Big Pathwatch, a survey of footpaths across England and Wales.

The results revealed that although more than half (56%) of paths surveyed are well-kept and signposted, more than a third (35%) are in need of improvement and nearly a tenth (9%) are difficult or impossible to use. 

CLA President Ross Murray said: “There is an extensive public rights of way system across the English and Welsh countryside, enabled and maintained with support from thousands of landowners. We welcome this recognition of the multiple benefits that this access provides and of the time, effort and expense that it takes to maintain it. The Patchwatch app could help local councils to pinpoint where limited rights of way management budgets can be best targeted.

“As the Ramblers Association has recognised, users of public rights of way have an important role in taking responsibility. This includes leaving gates as they are found, keeping to the paths, keeping dogs under control and respecting the countryside as a place of work as well as recreation.”

Click here for more information on the results of the Big Pathwatch